Privacy Policy

RuneCapital ("we", "us", "the site") has been designed with privacy-conscious users in mind. Data will only collected in order to facilitate user interaction with the site, and to protect the operational integrity of the site. Data collected by RuneCapital will never be sold to third parties, or shared with third parties for marketing purposes.

By using the site, you accept and agree to the terms of this policy.

Functional Data

RuneCapital does not yet collect data to support dynamic site functionality.


In order to combat abuse of the site, RuneCapital logs requests sent to its servers, which may include details such as IP address and user agent.

RuneCapital's cloud hosting provider utilizes Cloudflare's Magic Transit service for communication with their servers. Please reference for the latest up-to-date information on any data elements potentially captured by their service.

Additionally, in circumstances of extreme abuse (including but not limited to extortion-related Denial-of-Service attacks), the site reserves the right to deploy client-side fingerprinting technology. Users will be notified, either by email or a prominent announcement message on the website, in the unlikely event that these fingerprinting technologies are deployed.


Please email privacy-related questions and inquiries to